Tuesday, January 26, 2010

1. Grand Canyon: My first choice would be the grand canyon. I always wanted to visit the grand canyon because it seems like a very interesting place to visit. I looked at pictures of the grand canyon and it looks very cool. I think it would be a very cool place to visit. It has many different colors of rocks and other features to it that amaze me.
2. Mount Rushmore: My second choice would be Mt. Rushmore. I think Mt. Rushmore is a very monumental place that looks like it would be a good place to visit. It is one of the most popular monumental sites that there is. It has the pictures of four of the most famous presidents of all time. I really think I would enjoy this place if I went to go visit it. It just sounds like a great place to go visit.
3. Jewel Cave: My third choice would be Jewel Cave. This is one of the largest caves in America. It looks very cool in the inside of the cave. It is a huge cave with lots of rooms in it of caves. There are many huge rocks inside of it. It is a very cool looking cave that looks like it would be fun to visit.

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