Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today's Blogging Assignment

Going along with what we did last week, today you're going to interview a stranger. That's right - you have no idea who will answer the questions you write. It could be one of your best friends, one of your classmates, or a complete stranger! Here's what you need to do:
Write out 5 questions that any person in the world could answer. These questions need to require more than a one word answer, so no 'yes or no' questions, and no questions that ask, 'What is your favorite day of the week?' or anything else that could possibly be answered in one word or less. You could ask questions that end in, '...and why?' to work your way around this one. If you're stumped for questions try doing a little research for possible interview questions.
Please title your post "Interview with a Stranger."
When you finish, head over to Spelling City for some practice on this week's words (Chapter 18). When everyone is finished writing your questions I'll tell you all to go back to the blog and comment on two different posts. You need to read a post and reply with an answer to that person's 5 questions. Each post only should have two responses on it so if you see a post without any responses go to that one first.

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