Tuesday, January 19, 2010

interview with a stranger

How do you feel about the Packers losing to the Cardinals?
how do you feel about the hurricane?
what are your goals?
what do you wanna be when you grow up and why?
what is your favorite sport and why?


  1. that sucks!

    that sucks!

    to play cod!

    the president of Iraq, they need help.

    baseball, I have been playing baseball sence i've been three.

  2. 1: Think that the ref should have called the face mask and we could haev one.
    2: I feel that it effected the people in new orleans

  3. 1 - P v C - Pac men lost to floating things?! Packrats lost to birds?! GREEN LOST TO RED?!!! Although...Packers = Packrats = Crows. Crows vs cardinals...That'd be an interesting aerial flightfight.

    2 - Hurricane - Which hurricane? There are thousands each year! Did you know how they name hurricanes? Males names one year, females the next. Alphabetical order, as well. Typhoons (hurricanes in the southern hemisphere) have a different naming system completely. Did you know that although hurricanes do far more damage, tornados are way more dangerous? Not to mention there's way more of them, too. I live in Tornado Alley. Blasted sirens wake me up every first Monday of the month.

    3 - Goals - My goals? My goals are endless, which would you like? I have career goals, life goals, love goals, fame goals, little things goals, growing goals! I want to invent a commercial campaign as successful as the Geico cavemen. I wish to end my life happily. I WANT TO WALK THE RED CARPET! And I wish for my orange tree to grow an orange. At least one. Please!

    4 - Grow up - Must I grow up? I never planned on it. I sincerly hope that the adult world does not mind a grown girl that refuses to let go of finding joy in chasing a butterfly. I'll do it in heels if I have to.

    5 - Sport - Ah, my favorite sport! Baseball! Actually, I lied. Cardinals baseball is correct. I grew up watching Mark McGwire hit those endless homeruns, I as at one of the games where he hit number sixty-something! Did you make a snide remark about steriods? Tsk tsk. That's not the point! The point is the love of the game that he had, the love that he shared with us, his fans! Pujols is friendly, aesome and talented, but McGwire...the thrill! Who would win the race? Him or Sosa? Who as ahead this week? WHO WOULD WIN!? It was wonderful and instilled a love and faith I'll never let die.

  4. 1. I am mad that we lost. We are better than that.
    2.Hurricanes suck. I am glad that we don't have those her.
    3. To graduate college and become a deffense attourney, or become a NBA player.
    4. I want to become a NBA player.
    5. Basketball is my favorite sport. I have always played it since 1st grade.

  5. I'm not a big football fan, but since I'm from Minnesota, I should probably root for the Vikings. My goals are to help get more students at St. John's Lutheran, share my faith with more people, and take more time for myself. My favorite sport is volleyball, and I love teaching.


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