Tuesday, January 26, 2010


1-World War II Monument- i chose the world war II monument because i have 3 grandfathers who have been in it and i could ask them about how it was and how it was like to be in it.. It was opened to the public on April 29, 2004. I think that world war two was an intresting war so i would like to do that monument to learn more about it. It has 56 pillars and a pair of arches surrounding the water fountain. It seems like a real interesting place to visit.
2-Washington Monument- i chose the Washignton Monument as my second choice because it is one of my favorite and most interesting monuments i like. There is no other monument that is that similair to it. It is the most prominent structure in Washington D.C. It stands 555’ 5 1/8” tall and shows you a view of Washington D.C. It would be pretty cool to go up in it.
3-Devils Tower- I chose Devils Tower as my 3rd choice because it seems like a interesting place. It seems weird because its just a big rock in the open. It would be a cool place to check out tho. It would be cool to find out why it is there and how it was formed. It is 1,267 feet tall.

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  1. Of the three, I recommend Devils Tower. If you get there, you can actually climb it!!


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