Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Interview with a stranger.

#1. What is your passion, and why?
#2. If you could be some one else who would you be, and why?
#3. BEEP BEEP BEEP! A car is coming and it's about to hit you what do you do?
#4. Who is your favorite celebraty, why?
#5. If you could could chaneg anything (or everything) about your self what would you change?


  1. 1. My passion is volleyball. I think everybody knows that! Volleyball is my passion because I grew up around it and I really enjoy it.
    2. If I could be someone else, i would be my dad just to see how annoying I am and what it's like to be him.
    3. I would run out of the way so I don't die.
    4. My favorite celebraty is Justin Bieber because he's awesome and I like his music.
    5.If I could change something about myself it would be... ummm... to have brighter green eyes!

  2. I dont have a passion.

    I wouldnt want to be anyone else.

    I would jump out of the way

    I dont have a favorite.

    I wouldnt change anything.

  3. 1 - Passion - Hmm...What is my passion. What drives me. Hope. Not the cliche hope of last year, but real hope. Real hope that tomorrow things'll be better, that maybe he'll talk to me, that maybe for a little bit, I can enjoy myself. Hope that everything will work out in the selfish way that I want.

    2 - Someone else - I wouldn't think I'd want to be anyone else. My personality would imbue itself into that other person's body and then would I still be me, only in a different body? It defeats the purpose.

    3 - Car - Realistically? I'd probably freeze and get hit. I've only been in one car crash and I was the passenger. I saw that it was inevitable that we were going to hit. All I could do was cover my face. This actually helped; I didn't get airbag dust in my eyes or hurt my nose, but I still ended up with glass in my hair, shock and weird hearing. Hopefully said car is not going fast enough to kill me and hopefully they get out and call someone. That'd be nice, if they're going to hit me, geez.

    4 - Celebrity - That's difficult. I adore Kermit, he's a celebrity, isn't he? Famous throughout the world. Perhaps you don't count him. Do you count Bill Gates? I'd like to meet him too. Oh, Johnny Depp! As Captain Jack Sparrow, of course. Or as himself. Or Edward Scissorhands. I used to say Robin Williams was my favorite celebrity. I loved him as The Genie, haha. sigh.

    5 - Change - I don't want to change anything about myself. I fear that changing a part of me will result in losing a part of me or all of me. It may be an unintended consequence, but it'd be a consequence nonetheless. I don' think I could do that to myself. Unless it was giving me the ability to teleport or read minds. That'd be awesome and something I could hide, so it wouldn't change how people react to me at all.

  4. My passion in life is teaching all the students at St. John's Lutheran. If I could be someone else, I would pick Abby from NCIS. If a car was about to hit me, I hope I would be fast enough to get out of the way. My favorite celebrity is Julia Roberts. If I could change one thing about myself, it would be not to worry so much.


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