Tuesday, January 19, 2010

inerview with a stranger

1: When is your birthday?
2: What would you want to be when you grow up and why?
3: Do you have a favorite sport if you do why?
4: If you can move anywhere in the world where would it be and why?
5: If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be and why?


  1. 12/2/95
    presedent, i dont like obama.
    basketball, because ed's a beast
    Alskia, so i can see the beautiful animals
    that i was black, because their so crisp.

  2. 1. 11/12/95
    2.A police offcier to help people from crime.
    3.Basketball because its fun and a lot of work.
    4.Guatalmala City because its very pretty there and its warm.
    5.i guess my height i wouldn't mind about being a little taller but not to tall.

  3. 1. 11/11/95
    2. forensics scientist because i like to learn thingt and you learn ewhat happened to that person.
    3.volleyball because it is fun and you get to spend time with your friends.
    4.australia because it is warm and has animals.
    5.nothing because i like how i am.

  4. 1. My birthday is march 26, 1996.
    2. When i grow up i would like to be a basketball player.
    3. Basketball is my favorite sport. I grew up with it , so i always have played it.
    4. I would move to Ed's house, because its awesome there. They have the best hot dogs.
    5. If i had to change something it would be my height.

  5. 1: Febuary 4th 1996
    2: I would like to be in the WNBA because basketball is my favorite sport.
    3: Basketball is my favorite sport because I'm good at it.
    4:Italy because it's warm climate and it is so calm.
    5:That I didn't have a body of an old person because my joints and bones are so bad.

  6. july 15, 95
    i dont know i just want to chill and work
    football because its real fun to play or bmx cause i like to do that too
    nowhere i liek it in racine
    i dont know i like the way i am i guess

  7. 1 - Birthday - Ah, I'm so old! November 22nd. The day that President John F Kennedy met his doom, I met my life 24 years later. Sigh.

    2 - Grow up - Some else had this and I questioned them this in return: Must I grow up? Is it truly required? I wanna play in the rain, chase butterflies, revel in Disney movies till I die. I don't want to become another adult that despises going to work in a corporate office every day. I want to find joy in the little things, the big things, the every things. I want to be everything a grown up is not supposed to be, while still being an adult. I will get older, yes, that is inevitable. But (by golly!) I'll never grow up.

    3 - Sport - Favorite sport? Cardinals baseball. So wonderful! They enjoy the game and it translates to the fans. It's so relaxing to watch, yet so thrilling, especially when it's a tied game, bottom of the ninth and a heavy hitter's come up. The other team's nervous. They switch out pitchers. Tension builds, the pitcher warms up. Pitch one, a strike! He wasn't ready. Pitch two, a ball. The pitcher's scared. Pitch three, strike! But now the batter's ready. He knows what to look for and he knows how to hit it. The catcher sense this, walks up to the pitcher to have a secret talk. The pitcher readies, winds up and throws the ball!

    4 - Move - If I could move anywhere in the world...Where would I go? Have you ever seen the movie Castle in the Sky? It's a beautiful movie, by the same guy that did that Ponyo, perhaps you know of it? Castle in the Sky is a fantastic movie - The army is after her, pirates are after her, a boy has saved her. Who is she? Why was she able to wake the giant robot? You should check it out. There's lots of explosions, comedy, adventure, everything! I'd like to move to Laputa, the Castle in the Sky.

    5 - Change yourself - If I could change anything about myself...That's a difficult one. If I changed a part of myself, would I still be myself? Or would I become a new person? I suppose if I had to change something about me, I'd change myself to have the powers of teleportation. Or telepathy. Those would be acceptable changes to me.

  8. My birthday is September 8. I've always wanted to be a teacher, but at one time I thought about going into horticulture. My favorite sport is volleyball because I like spiking the ball. If I could move anywhere it would be to the farm I grew up on in Minnesota. If I could change one thing, it would be not worrying so much.


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