Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Top 3 Choices For My Research Paper

Arlington National Cemetery: This is my first choice for a subject, because I would like to learn more about it, and this is a place we will be visiting. The Arlington National Cemetery was established in 1864. It is spread out over 624 acres of land. More than 300,000 people are buried here. It's divided into 70 sections; and each section stands for something different. It's a very special honor to be buried here. Most buried here are veterans, and those killed in war. Other notable people such as Jacqueline Kennedy and William Howard Taft are buried here as well. There are many memorials there, such as the Challenger Memorial and the USS Maine Memorial. The Arlington National Cemetery is a very respectable and honoring place.

Alcatraz: This is second choice, because I thought it would be unique, and not everyone would want to write about it. It was established in 1934, as a federal prison in the US. It is on an island in the San Francisco Bay, near San Francisco, California. Some very famous criminals such as Al Capone and George "Machine Gun" Kelly stayed here. Before 1934, it was used as a holding place for Civil War prisoners.After the Civil War, the amount of prisoners increased due to the Spanish-American War.The island kept expanding, and new cells and buildings were added over time. An interesting fact is that, no one ever successfully escaped from Alcatraz. It was closed in 1963 by Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, because it was the too expensive to run. Alcatraz is now a National Historic Landmark in the US, and is open to the public.

World Trade Center (The Twin Towers)/ 1 World Trade Center: I would like to write about the World Trade Center and Freedom Tower, because I feel like it would be a good subject to write about. The Towers were both built in the late 1960's to the early 1970's. It contained 13.4 million feet of office space and 110 stories. It was the tallest building in the World for a few years. The World Trade Center had minimal destruction before 2001, such as a fire and a small car bombing. In 2001 however, terrorists flew jets into the Towers on September 11th. Many people were killed and both buildings were destroyed. Soon after the attack, plans for a building to replace the Twin Towers, were proposed. The new tower will be called the 1 World Trade Center. Construction began in 2006, and is expected to end in 2013. There will also be a museum with history of the Twin Towers, and dedications to those who lost their lives that day.

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