Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Interview with a stranger

1- What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

2- If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time?

3- If you were a worm, would you be discusted with yourself?

4- What will you be doing in the next six hours?

5- What state would you like to live?


  1. 1: Well their are a lot of things in my fridge right now, but the main things that are always in my fridge are milk, butter, yogurt, apples, lunchmeat, and some type of juice or soda.
    2:I would do everything that i've ever wanted to do because even if it's life threatening it wouldn't really matter because I am gonna die in 6 months anyways. I guess that I would save the life threatening things to do in the last month just in case I do die.
    3:YES! I absolutly HATE worms with a big ol' passion!If I was a worm I would be so grossed out with myself that I wouldn't even want to do do stuff with my other worm friends.
    4:I will be in school, then heading home, then later on I have to go cheer at a basketball game.
    5:I would kinda like to live in Florida or Texas because they are both warm all the time and they always have interesting things to do.

  2. 1. lots of food because i have 5 people in my family.
    2. i would do evetything i want to do.
    3.yes because i hate worms.
    4. oging home, watching tv on the computer and doing home work.
    5.flordia becuase i like warm weather.

  3. 1 you would find food
    2 i would do a bunch of fun stuff and just chill
    3 naw id like it cause then you could go in the ground and like go everywhere
    4 i dont knowgo to cougar game i think or something
    5wisconsin cause its godo here

  4. 1 - Fridge - Those Glad containers with leftovers in them. I hate leftovers. We've had them a lot this week, which means there's almost none left. This makes me happy - I get a real dinner tonight! Also, if you lose your keys, check the fridge. Don't ask, just do. True story.

    2 - Six months - Sigh. Six months to live? Would I be able to do anything? Would I be bed-ridden? Or would I have unlimited resources to use? Would the world know of my struggle? Or would simply my circle of family and friends? Either way, I'd wish for him to come back and get married. That'd be nice. I want to wear a wedding dress. And get married of course. It'd be so beautiful.

    3 - Worms - haha, No. I used to play with worms when I was younger. And even though I'm not a meerkat, I could sing "Dig a tunnel, dig dig a tunnel" all the time!

    4 - Six hours - Let's see. It's four thirty seven right now. I will be eating dinner, computering, and watching a couple movies. Hopefully Wall-E! This of course, is assuming I don't get outvoted by my siblings. I may be watching MythBusters the rest of the night.

    5 - State - I'd like to live in the state of contentment. And the solid state. A New York state of mind.

  5. I have a pineapple, potatoes, juice, milk, eggs in my refrigerator right now. If I had 6 months left to live, I would spend it with my family. I don't think I would be disgusted with myself as a worm because I would like being who I am. In the next six hours I hope to be going home, watching a little tv, and then going to sleep.


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