Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 questions to ask a stranger!

1. What is your favorite sport and why?

2.What is your favorite animal and why?

3. what is your favorite website and why?

4. What would you do if you met you celeberty idol? Who is it and why are they your favorite? (has to be famous)

5. what do you want to do when you grow up as a job and why?


  1. 1.I like basketball because its fun and its a lot of wrok.
    2.A kola because their cute and look soft and fluffy.
    3.Idk because their are alot of websites out there that are good.
    4.I would scream and try and get their autograph. I dont have one.
    5. I want to be a police officer because i would like to help put bad people in jail.

  2. basketball because I am good at it.
    I like the cheetah because it is fast.
    nba.com because I can look at my favorite basketball teams.
    I would be extremely happy because I love LEBRON JAMES.
    Be in the in the wnba because I like basketball.

  3. 1 - Sport - My favorite sport is Cardinals baseball. It's so wonderful! I can mix both a sport/team that I adore with social, which rocks. The love that the fans have for the team is truly infectious. There's a reason why they call Cards fans "Baseball's Best Fans".

    2 - Animal - My favorite animal is a unicorn. They're magical you know, and incapable of feeling regret. They smell of cinnamon and their voices are of silver bells. When walking, their hooves will not crush flower petals and their hide glows faintly, like the starlight. Unicorns are also immortal. They can be killed though. Unicorns shed their horns, the same way as deer do. The difference is that unicorns shed their horns once every two hundred years, give or take a couple decades. To avoid overpopulation, a youngling is only born once every four hundred years.

    3 - Site - Hm. Favorite website. www.mylifeisaverage.com is a current good one. Absolutely hilarious. Safe for work, school, play and parents. Read it up.

    4 - Celebrity - I'd be absolutely thrilled! Talking with a frog? Heck yes! I'd have to avoid that pig...She could be troublesome. Kermit's just so inspiring. And laid back. Every trouble he comes across, he just starts movin' right along. He's a lover, a dreamer, like me.

    5 - Job - Ah, specifics! Good. I want to advertise. I want to create ad campaigns. You know a bunch of ads are all related? I want to do that. I need to do that. I want to make an ad campaign it's so successful, it's as the Geico cavemen. They became a tv show (albeit failed one), they have music videos and, years later, they're still being referenced and still making commercials. It's a fantastic success. I need to do this. I'll retire after that.

  4. My favorite sport is volleyball because you need to work as a team. My favorite animal is a hermit crab because they are funny to watch. My favorite website is, of course, this one. I would take a picture of my favorite idol and ask for an autograph. I would love to meet Michelle Kwan. Since I'm alreay grown-up, I have my favorite job as a teacher.


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