Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Research Paper Topics

My first choice would be the Rainbow Bridge. I want to write about the Rainbow Bridge because I just went there in 2008. The Rainbow Bridge is a symbol of peace between the United States and Canada. It was built after the Honeymoon Bridge collapsed. The water current under the bridge averages 26-30 miles an hour. The construction for the bridge started in May of 1940. It opened on November 1, 1941.

My second choice would be the Gateway Arch. I would like to write about the Gateway Arch because I've been there. It is also known as the Gateway to the West. They built it to symbolize when the first pioneers went out to the West. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987. On July 21, 2007, about 200 people were trapped in tram cars due to an electrical problem. The tram was closed the next day.

My third choice would be Grand Teton National Park. I have also been to Grand Teton National Park. It is just south of Yellowstone. It is named after the Grand Teton, the tallest mountain in the Teton Range. It was established on February 26, 1929. It covers 484 square miles. there are 200 miles of trails for hikers.

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