Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Interview with a Stranger

#1. What's your favorite season? Why?

#2. If you could pick the world's number one language, what would it be? Why?

#3. What kind of personalities do your closest friends have?

#4. If someone payed you to shave your head for a million dollars, would you do it? Why?

#5. If a giant monkey came to school, what would your reaction be?


  1. 1. I like summer because there is no school and its warm.
    2.Spanish because a lot of people know it.
    3. They are all nice, fun to be around and crazy.
    4.NO, cause i would never shave my head.
    5. I would give it a big hug and then give it a banana and they scream and run away.

  2. 1. I like spring, bcause flowers are just starting to bloom, it's pretty. And very very lovely sight.
    2. English, cause that's the language I speak.
    3. Most of the people I know are odd, but awesome. Never doing what you think they'll do.
    4. Yeah, bcause my hair will grow back, and I could wear a wing. No, one whould notice, unless your one of those creepy people that like to stare at hair.
    5. I would first scream, then see if it was a good or naughty monkey. If it was bad I would call the police, the C.I.S, the goverment, to kill it like they killed King Kong. But, if it was good I would give it ice cream, because icwe cream is yummie. Hahaha! Isn't that a nice comment, I think it is. :)

  3. 1. I like summer the best. It's always warm and you don't have to stay inside. I don't like winter because you can get a concussion while sledding.
    2. I would pick Spanish because I've always wanted to speak Spanish.
    3. I think most of my friends are spazzes and hyper.
    4. Yes because it's a million dollars!
    5. I would hug it because I like monkeys.

  4. 1 - Season - Autmn! Fall! Crunch the leaves, wear the pretty colors, see the trees change! My birthday is in fall, as is Thanksgiving and man, do I love apple pie. And while I don't like the onset of the cold season, the weather is stunning. Winter, if you're not going to snow anymore, let's take a trip back to fall. Please?

    2 - Language - Pick the world's number one language? Isn't the current winner Chinese? Pick the world's number one language...That's difficult. Each language has it's own beauty, it's own unique print! French has its romanticism, Italian is so thrilling, German, so powerful. Languages, in their own differences, are so interesting!

    3 - Friends - We seek those who are like ourselves. My friends are a bit too realistic however; I wish they'd imagine with me more.

    4 - Shaving head - Yes. I could easily buy a wig. And it'd grow back. Also, I'm scared to have a pixie cut, but they always look so cute. I don't have the confidence to do it, but I think I could gain confidence from one.

    5 - Monkey - This depends. What would it be doing? I'd want to be friends with it, even though I'm sure the others would be wanting to corral it away. It's not evil, I'd argue, it simply doesn't know how to communicate with us!

  5. 1. Favorite season is spring because everything is new & fresh again.

    2. English

    3. Honesty, compassion and strength.

    4. You bet, hair grows back!

    5. Shock & awe!

  6. My favorite season is fall because of the cool weather and colorful leaves. My #1 language would be English because I wouldn't want to learn any other. My friends are Christian, caring, considerate, always willing to help me and listen to me, and fun to be around. Of course I would shave my head for a million dollars. Hair always grows back. I think I would laugh if a giant monkey came to school.


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