Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Interview for a stranger

1. How old are you and whats your birth day?
2. If you had to choose between going to Alaska or Egypt which woukld you pick and why?
3. If you had to sell everything in your home and could only keep one thingwhat would you pick and why?
4. What are your favorite hobbies to do in your spare time. Explain why you like to do this.
5. Do you like where you live, or do you want to live somewhwere else? If not where would you want to live and why?


  1. 14, july 15
    alaska cuz thats where the movie the fourth kind took place.
    food cuz its good
    just chill, play guitar.
    yeah i like where i live cause i live by a gas station and ice cream place.

  2. 1. I a 14 years old and my birth day is in October.

    2. I would go to Alaska because you could see all of the Artic animals and all of the mountains covered in snow.

    3. I would keep some kind of food because you will need food to liive. If you did not have any food you would die from hunger.

    4. In my spare time I play sports, my Ds, and Wii.

    5.I like where I live.

  3. 1.14 and November 12
    2.Egypt because its cold in Alaska and i dont like being cold.
    3.I would pick my dog because i like dogs.
    4.I like to hang out with my friends and go shopping. I like to do these things because they are fun.
    5. NO i dont like where i live now its cold. I would rather live in Flordia because its warm.

  4. 1 - Age - Don't you know it's rude to ask a lady her age?! (: I'm 22 and my birthday is November 22nd. It was my golden birthday last November - I turned 22 on the 22nd! Love it.

    2 - Alaska v Egypt - I'd probably go to Egypt. It's way easier to go to ALaska on my own than it would be to go to Egypt. If you're paying my plane ticket, heck yes you are are taking me to Egypt. Let's go!

    3 - Save item - I'd save my teddy bear. It was given to me on my first Christmas and I sleep with it every night. I love it. I take it with me when I'm driving far away from home so I don't get scared when I get lost. It's always there for me. I love it.

    4 - Hobbies - I don't really have anything that can technically be called a "hobby". I play video games, bake, make, watch movies, internet, etc when I'm bored, but nothing I'd really call a "hobby". I've been told to get one...But that's a really hard job. How does one acquire a hobby? Is there a store they sell them at? Please direct me.

  5. (Oh I'm so sorry!!! I missed 5!!)

    5 - Living arrangements - I like where I live. My house/yard backs up and is part of a forest, so I get to see lots of animals. Across the street and over the hill is a farm, one where they grow lots of corn. It's also really quiet and sparsely populated in my spot so I don't have to worry about traffic. I live less than a mile away from the Missouri river and actually, from one spot, I can almost see where the Missouri and the Mississippi meet. It's a wonderful place. Apple trees, helicopter trees, oak trees, they're so awesome. Beautiful.

  6. I'm not sure if I want to say my age, but my birthday is September 8. I would pick Egypt because it would be cool to see the pyramids. If I only could keep one possession, I think I would pick a picture of my family. My hobbies are reading, knitting, watching movies, and volleyball. I like where I live because I live on a second story, and I don't have shovel or mow lawn.


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