Tuesday, January 26, 2010

English project

The three national parks I would want to do for my project is ether,
a. Yellowstone national park
b. Hawaii’s national volcano park
c. Custer’s state park
Yellowstone is my first because not only have I been there, this is the one I know the most about. I think I could do the best job on this one. Yellow stone is a big park that I would be able to work with the best.Yellowstone is a beautiful place with tons of things to see like old faithful, caves, mountains, wild animals, waterfalls, and a lot more. This is a really cool place.
Hawaii’s national volcano park is my second choice. Hawaii’s national volcano park is my second choice. This park is located on the big island. I think I will do very good on this park if I cant do Yellowstone. this would be a cool place to do a project
My third choice would be Custer’s state park. This park was made in remembrance of Custer’s last stand. Supposedly his last stand was on that land. This one isn’t as exiting as the volcano or yellow stone but its an interesting place.

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